Promoting and enhancing your body’s natural abilities

No doubt you’ve heard horror stories about the pain of childbirth. The good news, however, is that any pain you may experience is manageable—in many different ways. Among the tools and techniques available at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre are:

  • psychological tools, including relaxation, visualization, meditation, movement, music and hypnosis;
  • physical and water-therapy techniques such as massage, counter-pressure and acupressure, and submersion in a birthing tub or a hot and cool shower;
  • posture supports such as a birth stool, a birth ball, a suspended sling and floor mats and cushions; and
  • minimally invasive medical options, including nitrous oxide, sterile water injections and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

Note that as a midwife-led birthing centre, we cannot provide epidurals or other medical forms of pain management. If you wish to have those options available to you, you will be best served with a hospital birth.