OBWC Open House: All About Fertility

Join us on Wednesday, February 10, from 6pm-9pm, to learn All About Fertility!

Hear from a range of experts on optimizing your health for fertility, pelvic floor health, acupuncture, charting your cycle, and next steps for fertility treatment.

Find out more about all of the services offered in our Wellness Centre!

Tour our beautiful Birth Suites and Ask a Midwife your pregnancy  and birth-related questions!


6:15pm  Factors of Fertility: Naturopathic Approaches to Optimizing Your Fertility

     Presented by Dr. Jennifer Keller, Naturopathic Doctor, OIHC

What are the factors that most affect fertility? Which ones do we have control over? In this presentation you will learn what factors you can focus on to help optimize your fertility for whatever stage of conception planning you are in! We will also discuss conditions that can create fertility obstacles, and what naturopathic medicine can offer you.  Join Dr. Jennifer Keller and learn the facts around what foods and nutrients are best, when age actually becomes a factor, and small changes you can make TODAY to optimize your fertility! 

6:45pm  Fertility Awareness Methods

     Presented by Planned Parenthood Ottawa

7:15pm  Investigations for Infertility

     Presented by Dr. Bryden Magee & Dr. David Smithson, Ottawa Fertility Centre

After 6 to 12 months of trying to conceive, couples may consider seeing a fertility specialist to look for causes of infertility and discuss treatment options. We will review some different tests used to help couples understand their fertility potential and a variety of treatments that are used to help improve their chances of getting pregnant.

7:45pm  Boosting Your Fertility with Yoga

     Presented by Jennifer Tuthill, Little Lotus Yoga

Learn how you can use yoga to boost your fertility by focusing on the centers of your body or “chakras” associated with fertility and reproduction. Understand how to stimulate your second chakra, the sacral chakra that has long been associated with fertility and creativity, located just below your naval by using specific poses that will open your pelvis. Find out how releasing tension in your lower belly and pelvis will help increase the flow of blood and energy to your reproductive organs and create awareness, while reducing stress and anxiety and restoring physical and emotional balance.

8:15pm  Pelvic Floor Health & Fertility

     Presented by Lisa Flanders, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, OIHC

Abdominal, visceral and pelvic floor health play a key important role in fertility and conception. The body’s tissues (including muscles, fascia, ligaments and joints) must be free from restriction to function at an optimal level. Past injuries, surgeries and postural alignment can change our body’s map and how the tissues move and interact. Lisa Flanders, Registered Physiotherapist will be discussing the pelvic floor and deep core system and how it relates to menstration, fertility and conception.

Drop in for part of the evening, or come for the whole time!  Cost is only $5 (cash, at the door).

To register, please call 613-260-1441 or email info@ottawabirthcentre.ca.

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