All About Labour: Open House!

The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre presents All About Labour, an Open House and speaker series, on Thursday, September 29, from 6pm-9pm.

Join us to learn about waterbirth, comfort measures, pelvic floor health, the physiology of labour, and more!

Birth Centre tours, a chance to learn more about the many services offered at the Centre, and our Ask a Midwife corner will also be part of the evening.

To register, email, or call 613-260-1441.

Cost is $5 per participant, payable in cash at the door.

Les présentations seront en Anglais, mais les visites du Centre et le coin de questions seront bilingues.

Agenda of Speakers:

6:15pm  Birth As It Happens: An Overview of the Physiology of Labour and Birth 

Presented by Brandie Lekovic, Ottawa Childbirth Education Association

Learn all about the changes the body goes through in labour and birth

6:45pm  Work Smart, Not Hard: Stellar Hands-On Support Techniques for the Birth Partner

Presented by Julia Monorchio, Registered Massage Therapist and RMT Doula

Learn wonderful hands-on techniques to support your the birthing parent in labour

7:15pm  The Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy

Presented by Lisa Flanders, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, OIHC

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, bones, ligaments and organs found within the pelvis. During pregnancy this area is subject to a great and beautiful change.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy can be beneficial at any point during the pregnancy, including relieving pain, support the bladder and preparing your body for delivery.

7:45pm  Labour and Birth in Water

Presented by Teresa Bandrowska, Lead Midwife, Ottawa Birth & Wellness Centre

An overview of labouring and birthing in water, including benefits, risks, and latest research

8:15pm  Preparing for Birth with Yoga

Presented by Amanda DeGrace, Owner, Little Lotus Yoga

Learn techniques to strengthen and stretch, to increase your comfort in pregnancy and in labour.

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