Our mission

To celebrate healthy, natural births and family wellness by providing a safe community home and a broad range of maternal and infant services to Ottawa women, newborns and their families.

Our vision

The OBWC is a centre of excellence for natural childbirth and wellness, accepted as a safe and desirable option for the majority of low-risk births in Eastern Ontario.

Our values

The actions and decisions of the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre are guided by:

  • Care and Compassion - We are kind and considerate, and listen actively to our clients to fully understand their needs.
  • Integrity - We value the trust that mothers, families and community members place in us, and we strive to merit that trust at all times through our actions and decisions.
  • Respect - We respect and honour women’s choices for their births and create the setting for an empowering experience for women and their families. We treat women and their families with respect, dignity and consideration, and welcome those from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences.
  • Excellence - We respectfully challenge the status quo, learning from emerging evidence, best practices and our past experiences to better serve women and their families. We are known for our responsiveness, professionalism and are regarded as insightful leaders in our community.
  • Positivity - We celebrate and support families, encouraging people to strengthen their connections with one another.
  • Collaboration - We take a team approach to success, building trust and creating opportunities for collaboration among professionals who specialize in the health of women and their babies. We share information, ideas and resources and seek a variety of perspectives prior to making key decisions.
  • Accountability - We are committed to the best use of resources and are clearly focused on the achievement of the OBWC’s vision.