Massage Therapy at the Wellness Centre

Nurturing Nomad Massage Therapy and Labour Support is owned and operated by Julia Monorchio, an experienced registered massage therapist (RMT) offering treatments full-time at the Wellness Centre.

Julia has been helping women achieve their health and wellness goals through massage therapy since 2007.  Her focus is on supporting people in playing a proactive role in their own care, a philosophy which is particularly apt for women during the birthing year.  She also has post-graduate training in prenatal massage and labour support (birth doula care) and, as a mother herself, possesses a reverent understanding of the physical and emotional changes and challenges a woman often experiences during pregnancy, the marathon of birth, and the postpartum period.

Julia excels at providing calming, nurturing massage treatments that are both effective and sensitively performed. As a doula, she brings a positive and open attitude, loving nature, sense of humour and ability to listen as well as her special RMT-based skill set to the birthing process.

To book a massage session or schedule a free doula consultation, please click here. Maternal clients and people at all stages of life are welcome.

Services are offered in English and in French.

To learn more about Julia, and why she chose a career as an RMT and Doula, read her profile!

What is an RMT Doula?