Picking the perfect birthplace

Where a woman labours affects how she labours, how long she labours and the number and complexity of medical interventions she receives. Know your options. Ultimately, you want to give birth somewhere you feel fully respected, supported and at ease. Is the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre that place? We hope so.

The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre is available to all residents of Ontario, registered with an Ottawa area midwife (see which practices have appointment at the Centre), and experiencing a low risk pregnancy. Your midwife will talk with you about all of your birthplace options, and register you at the Centre if you both decide it’s the right spot for you. The Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre is a free option for any resident of Ontario, who meets the other criteria to birth here.

Tours are available for anyone registered with a midwife. Sign up for one today, or take a look at our Virtual Tour first!

Look inside a birth room and learn about a typical delivery to see whether you can envision giving birth here. As you do, be aware that your primary care provider at the centre would be a midwife, expert in low-risk, natural childbirth. Then, start a conversation about your choice of birthplace with your healthcare provider. If the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre is an appropriate option for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and early labour, you’ll need to know:

You’ll also need to prepare a back-up plan.